Stimulus Control

The Secret To Success No One Talks About: Stimulus Control

The buzzword of the year: hustle hustle hustle. Everyone talks about working hard, but it isn’t just working hard that makes you successful. Its like making a cake. Hustle and hard work is the flour – the main part – but without sugar, eggs, and a pinch of salt, you’re gonna have a pretty shitty cake.

Hustle is what you do on the front end. In the backend, you have to constantly control the stimulus you’re subjected to.

What does this mean?

From now on, filter everything through the lens of: Is this helping me towards my goals, or just distracting me?

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Facebook And Instagram

If you’re like most people, your feed consists of a mix of memes, funny videos, inspiration, food, and other mindless crap that never ends.

It may seem harmless, but in the world we’re living in today where we’re the safest we’ve ever been and almost anything can be sent to us at the push of a button, attention is valuable.

From now on, while scrolling through Facebook, unfollow 90% of the people on your feed. My current feed is just business professionals, technology, and color grading for videos. I’ve unfollowed 90% of my friends.

How to Unfollow Facebook Friends

Same goes for Instagram. Unless you’re making money through Instagram, it’s a useless app designed to feed you little dopamine hits to distract you from working.

Hide it. Hell, delete it.

Audit Your Circle

Look at the people around you and really think about where they’re going in life.

  • Are they stuck at the same job they’ve always been for years and years?
  • What do they do on the weekends or their time off – drink and party with no real goals?
  • Are they truly happy?
  • Are YOU truly happy being around them, or are you just dealing with them?

These are questions you MUST think about. If they aren’t helping you grow, they’re hurting you. If they help you grow but you can’t stand being around them, they’re also hurting you. Cut them off as fast as you can. You’re not being selfish, you’re respecting yourself and you’re actually doing everyone a favor.

Monitor Your Free Time

This is one I struggle with at times. We live in a world where there is so much media out there, you can literally never run out of content to consume. Technology wise, this is the greatest era in history. For the individual person, this is hell.

And i get it.

After a long day of work, you just want to unwind and relax. The thing about that is, you’re shutting off your brain and saying let’s take a break. Now, unless you are already where you want to be in life, this IS NOT the time to take a break. Your free time should be spent either learning or working and ultimately moving you towards your goals.

No one is going to tell you what you’re doing is wrong because there is no right or wrong.

You have to decide for yourself. If you’re happy with your life, just relax, you deserve it.

If you’re not, you better be working your ass off to change your position.

Focus on Deep Work

Set a period of time where you do nothing but WORK. Don’t read emails. Don’t watch any youtube videos. Don’t open tabs to articles you plan on reading later and throw your phone across the room.

Way too often, we only kind of work, and we kind of get distracted, and don’t think it’s bad for us. And then when we the opportunity comes to blow off work we think “OI well, i didn’t really work that much today anyway.”

And if you think you can multitask – I call bullshit.

It typically takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to your work after being distracted.


Be ruthless when cutting distractions and people off.

Work on your goals or learn something new in your free time.

Set a time aside for deep work.


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