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Everything listed here are products and services I have personally used and recommend to others to begin their journey of self-development and making money online. Links below are affiliate links that help support this blog.

The majority of the links listed below are affiliate links that help support this blog so I can always keep it free of ads and provide as much value as possible.



  • Bluehost – One of the best hosting companies out there with killer support.
  • Siteground – Another great hosting company with the best support I’ve ever seen. Usual response time is less than 5 minutes. I’ve used both and they’re both amazing.
  • Namecheap – I’ve been using Namecheap for years and to this day, this is where I buy all my domains from. Clean interface, great articles, and awesome support.
  • Here’s a complete step by step guide on creating your blog

Favorite Books



  • The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts – This book isn’t just about romantic relationships, it’s about every single relationship you have, and how to speak to those around you in a way that means the most to them. I honestly believe this is the only book you need to create the best and meaningful relationships in your life.


Internet Tools I Use (All free)

  • LastPass – Your password isn’t safe. This tool makes it so you just have to remember one password and it creates the most secure passwords for you on the entire planet. Also, no need to upgrade, just use the free version.
  • Pushbullet – If you ever look something up on your phone and want to view it on a desktop, this is the easiest solution I know of instead of typing the entire domain out letter by letter.
  • Canva – How to edit photos like a professional. Canva makes it so easy, a kid could do it.
  • Pixlr – Don’t want to buy Photoshop? Use this free online alternative instead. I use this to add a little touch to my photos that Canva can’t quite do.

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