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Is Mike Vestil a Scam? – The Truth About His Success

If you’ve spent any time on the internet within the last year, you may have seen this ad floating around on Facebook.

Mike Vestil

His name is Mike Vestil and I’ve been traveling with him since January of 2017. I’ve spent more time with him than even his closest family members. Here’s the good, the bad, and the straight up ridiculous.

Who Is He?

If you’re not aware of his story, he went from $0 to $1.5 million on Shopify in just 12 months and began teaching others how to do the same. With his face flooding the internet, and so many “gurus” already out there, people are wondering, “Is Mike Vestil a scam or the real deal?”

Now here’s what most people don’t know: In his college years, he joined a network marketing company.

He was doing pretty well and began rising to the top at an alarming rate. At the same time, he was constantly shunned by his peers for joining and has faced more criticism and doubt than most of you will ever experience.

At this point you can only go one of two routes:

  1. You can develop thick enough skin to ignore the judgment
  2. Crumble like a cookie and give up on your dreams.

He chose to constantly fill his brain with audiobooks of successful mentors such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and many others until he got the results he was searching for.

Mike Vestils Mentor

This shaped who he is today, and if you follow his YouTube channel, you’ll see he’s often loud, obnoxious, and over the top. On multiple occasions people have asked if he ever shuts up or they simply find him annoying – I sure have at times.

Overall, I understand the real driving force behind what he does is wanting to help those around him to succeed and to give as much value to the world as he possibly can while he’s still alive.

“Imagine you’re going to die at 30”

He told me this one piece of advice and it still sticks with me today. If you’re already 30, imagine you’re going to die at 40. You have one decade left to completely enjoy your life. Are you happy with where you’re at? Do you truly enjoy the people around you? What kind of legacy are you leaving behind other than that groove on the couch from watching all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones in one sitting? (I may or may not be talking to myself here)

He’s working hard because he knows his time on Earth is limited and since he can only help so many people while he’s alive, he has to do it right now.

At the end of the day, he’s no different than you or me – He has plenty of room to grow, lots of flaws, and many fears and insecurities. The driving force behind his actions come from a few key ideas:

  • Maybe we really don’t have all the time in the world to do what we want.
  • If there’s at least one person with the results you want in life, it’s possible for you to achieve them as well if you just put in the effort.
  • There are people out there who are more successful than you. Listen to them, implement their lessons as fast as possible, and reap the benefits that took them years to learn.

The Final Question

Is Mike Vestil a Scam

Is Mike Vestil a scam?

Some people may argue that he doesn’t give examples of the stores he’s created, so the success may not even be real. I see the logic behind this, but have you ever tried creating your own business online? Before criticizing others, where are your results?

If you watched the video of his drop shipping story, he shares his revenue for the year stating exactly what he promised. And even though there are handfuls of people doing bigger numbers than him, not many people can say they’ve brought in over $1 million online, let alone in a single year.

Since then, he’s helped me consistently bring in over $10,000 a month, and I can tell you right now, the methods he’s teaching are up to date and definitely work if you put in the effort.

Check out Internet Life Academy if you want to learn the exact same method I use to run my e-commerce store.


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