Me Cheat Sheet - How To Figure Out What You Want In Life

ME CHEAT SHEET – How to Figure Out What You Want In Life

If I could credit one thing that gave my life clarity, it’s what I call the Me Cheat Sheet.

This little idea helped me realize happiness, what I truly want out of life, and even helped me never run out of things to say when talking to women.

How to get the most out of this: Don’t just skim through.


Your future self will thank you for this.

STEP 1: Open up some type of notes app, or if you’re old fashioned, get out a pen and paper.

Me Cheat Sheet - Step 1

Your Life Story

Let’s start by discovering who you are. To know where you want to go in life, you have to know where you’ve already been. This is also your cheat sheet when talking to women.

List your passions and favorite things to do. Make sure to write down at least 3 things.

What are you Dreams, ambitions, and life goals? Write down at least 3 things.

What are the best and worst things that have happened to you? Write down at least 3 things.

What was your Childhood, family life, and upbringing like? Write down at least 3 things.

Me Cheat Sheet - Life Story

Bragging Rights

Now that you know who you are as a person, let’s dive even deeper.

What have you done in life? – This is your chance to brag.

Create a list of everything you’ve ever accomplished in 3 different sections:

  • Skills
  • Travel
  • Achievements

If you get stuck, think of things in your life that you could tell a story about; things most people have never done before.

Me Cheat Sheet - Accomplishments pt 1 Me Cheat Sheet - Accomplishments pt 2

Now create a list of everything you want to do or learn (goals), again in 3 different sections.

  • Skills
  • Travel
  • Achievements

These should be things that you haven’t done yet, may require a bit of work to get there, but are DEFINITELY possible.

Your goal is to have more items in the accomplishment section than the goals section. Strive for at least 10 skills and 10 achievements under your belt. If you have less than that, you need to start working on these immediately.

Me Cheat Sheet - Goals pt 1 Me Cheat Sheet - Goals pt 2


By now, I hope you can see that you’ve already accomplished a lot in your life, and everything that you want to accomplish can happen within the next few years.

If you haven’t accomplished that much in life, thats okay too, this is where we start adding to that list.

Again 3 sections:

  • Short term goals 0-6 months
  • Mid term goals 6-12 months
  • Long term goals 1-10 years

For the short term goals, be as specific as possible. Use SMART goals. This takes an idea from vague, to actionable, and also makes it very likely to actually happen.

Me Cheat Sheet - Short Term Goals

Mid term goals are the ones that require a bit more work to get there, but are definitely achievable within 6-12 months.

Me Cheat Sheet - Mid Term Goals

Long term goals are where you ultimately want to end up in life. These can be vague since they’re so far into the future, but writing this down will help you predict what your future is going to look like.

Me Cheat Sheet - Long Term Goals

Notes and Tips

Take your time, and be EXTREMELY honest.

DO NOT share this with anyone.

The number one way to NOT accomplish your goals is by telling other people.


Keep this for yourself, work extremely hard at it, and reap the rewards for years to come while everyone around you is still trying to figure out their place in the world.

Once you’ve finished creating your Me Cheat Sheet, open up your calendar app. Create an event saying: “Read the ME CHEAT SHEET” and have it alert you exactly one year from today.

The first part of writing all of this down is to know who you are, where you’re heading, and how you’re going to get there.

If you’ve followed along so far, you’re already miles ahead of the curve.

The second part is visiting this one year later, and seeing if any of your goals are still the same.

Some goals will change. Mine do all the time. But there are bigger ones that consistently stay the same.

These are the goals you NEED to accomplish in life, or you will never How to Live a Beautiful Life – The 4 Things That Are Stopping You.

My consistent goals have always been: learning how to get laid, and financial security. This year is the year I focus entirely on these.

Simply by going through this self-assessment, you become conscious of your own story, your goals, and who you ultimately want to become.

Stop having dreams. Start making goals.

Go out there and crush it.


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