How to whistle with your fingers in 30 seconds

How To Whistle With Your Fingers – In 30 Seconds

Today we’re going to learn how to whistle with your fingers

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to learn how to whistle with my fingers in case I ever found myself in New York and needed to hail a taxi.

From the research that I’ve gathered, you take both index and middle fingers and form an A, you fold your lips over and rest your fingers on the underside of your tongue, and blow.

Here’s a video of my results:


You’re really not pressing on your tongue, it’s kind of just resting on your fingers.

Once you get the form down, it’s all just a matter of playing with the angle of your hands and how wide of an opening you make with your mouth.

The best angle I found to work is downwards, not straight out. Also, using a mirror helps a lot.

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