How to Conquer Fear

How to Conquer Fear: The Time Tested Method

Fear is a little bitch that must be killed if you want to achieve anything meaningful in your life. From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense. Be afraid of the jungle cause it has a million ways to kill you.

In the today’s day and age, there’s almost nothing to be afraid of. Bad things RARELY happen.

This doesn’t negate the fact that fear happens every day for some reason or another.

So how do you conquer fear?

To understand that, first we need to dissect fear and really get to the bottom of it.

What is fear and how do we get over it?

Fear is not knowing the outcome of what’s going to happen if you take that next step.

With that definition, would you ever really fear anything if you EXPECTED the results?

Say you were to climb one of the tallest rock faces in the world, without a rope. You’d be feeling fear throughout your entire body.

Meet Alex Honnold. He climbs mountains you wouldn’t even think about attempting for breakfast, and he does it WITHOUT a rope cause he’s a god damn gorilla.

Now imagine if you’ve been training your entire life and have been climbing mountains like this since you were a child.

Fear wouldn’t exist because this is part of your reality. This is NORMAL.

Alex Honnold Conquering Fear

So how do you conquer fear?

The only way to conquer fear is by facing it head on.

A little trick you can use is to imagine the worst case scenario. We’ll step away from the rock climbing example and think about something with a lot less risk. Let’s talk about starting an online business.

Let’s say you want to create an e-commerce store. You put hours and hours into it and you finally have a store up and running. You create ads, market your products, and it fails hard. For 6 months it fails. So you give up.

That’s the worst case scenario. You didn’t die. You still have all your limbs. Take a step back and realize life is exactly the same as it was before you started, you just have a little less money, and a lot more knowledge.

If you didn’t have a job before this, you could always find one, build up more money, and try again.

This time you’ll have the knowledge of creating a store and marketing products, but you’ll be faster this time. Or go a completely different route like creating your own blog and try that instead. Doesn’t matter.

Keep busting your ass, keep trying.

Remember – You only have to get it right once.

Here’s another example, one we can all relate to: talking to girls.

You’re shopping for steak and eggs when you see a pretty girl also pickin up some eggs.

You freeze.

You know that she’s just another human being with fears and emotions just like you, but the wall is just too hard to climb and so you pussy out. This is actually one of the worst case scenarios.

If you actually just said hello, maybe she was actually really cool and you have a lot of common interests and overall you really connect.

Your fears of her having a gigantic 8-foot tall boyfriend whos going to come out of the frozen food section to whoop your ass isn’t going to happen.

Everyone turning the heads and pointing at you saying “haha hes talking to a GIRL” isn’t going to happen.

These ideas are so ridiculous they don’t even make sense.

The point is, fear is a construct of your mind. It only exists because you haven’t put in the necessary work to be able to predict what will happen next.

So where do we start? Conquering Fear With Baby Steps

We start with baby steps

If asking for a girls number is a big thing to you, you need to start smaller. Start by asking for the time. Do this with 5 girls, then you walk away. Then start with asking for the time and directions to a place. Again, do this with 5 girls, then you walk away. Then you ask for the time, directions and you give them a compliment. Do this with 5 girls, then you walk away.

Start where absolutely ANYONE can succeed, and build your way up.

This is called EXPOSURE THERAPY and it’s the best way to overcome anything scary in your life.

Let’s go back creating your first online business. There are a thousand steps in front of you, but we’re gonna take it one step at a time.

Day 1 – You start out with the basics. Open up a Shopify store. Go through all the settings and set it up properly. Design your store, play around with colors and make it look nice overall. You’re already ahead of 99% of people still wondering if they should get started or not. You can stop here and give yourself a pat on the back or you can keep going.

Let’s say you keep going.

Once the design of the store is looking sexy as hell, you need to buy a domain name. You use something like impossibility and find the perfect domain. Once you connect your domain, you start looking for products you want to sell. Once you find the perfect product you add it to your store. Your stores looking all sorts of sexy and ready to start making you some money.

All of this in less than a day.

Now on paper, you just did a LOT. If you were to look at everything you just did in a list, you’d stare at it like a deer in headlights and wouldn’t be able to take the first step. By taking it one step at a time, you just created an entire online business that can start making you money as you sleep.

Congrats, you’re conquering fear and you didn’t even know it.

Since fear can exist for one person and not the next, fears are 100% made up , meaning, you can conquer any fear you decide to conquer.

Final Word

Now that you know what fear is, and how to conquer it, it’s time to apply it.

Make a list of every fear that you have.

Decide if it will improve your life to conquer it.

Create a game plan to conquer that fear and work on it every. single. day.

Let’s go through one last story.

Imagine two warriors:

The first one is lazy. He never decides to practice but knows he should. He believes when the time comes, he’ll naturally know what to do. One day he’s sent out to hunt and suddenly he’s faced with a wolf. He starts sweating and wants to cry. His mind goes blank because he has no idea what to do. The wolf lunges forward and as he braces to die, he drops his spear stabbing the wolf in the shoulder. The wolf runs off.

He survives. Barely.

The second warrior has been training for the last 3 months. He started by hunting harmless frogs, then rabbits, then birds. He slowly gets better and is going for hawks, snakes, and foxes. He has quite a bit of experience under his belt now and eventually, he faces a wolf. He’s nervous, yet calm. He’s faced many similar situations so he knows what to do. The wolf lunges forward but he quickly moves out of the way and stabs the wolf right in the heart. He now knows how to hunt wolves.

Consistency is the name of the game.

Stay consistent and you will become a man among boys. A god among men.

Stay consistent, and your wildest dreams will come true.

Stay consistent and set a goal to work on conquering your fear every day for at least a month. You won’t only be making progress, your comfort zone will expand and grow as long as you keep going.

Which warrior do you want to be.


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