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Who The Hell Are You And Why Should I Take You Seriously?


The picture on the right basically explains it all. I read a lot, I’m secretly Santa Claus, and I love bananas.

But, to answer your question, my name is John Le. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. — And no, I’m not a Mormon.

In January of 2017, I began traveling the world and lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for about 6 months. I’ve since moved back and have dedicated my life to fitness, wealth building, and relationships.

I’ve always been a fan of learning new skills and teaching them to others, which is what I created my YouTube Channel around. There, you’ll find how to do a backflip in under 5 minutes, how to whistle with your fingers in 30 seconds, and other random skills you may find interesting.

So, Why Do You Write All This Stuff?

The ideas I write about are things I’ve discovered over time that I’ve wanted to expand on to gain clarity. I post them publicly because they may be able to help others.

My favorite articles so far are:

I’m also a big fan of fitness and self-improvement. I have plenty of new ideas to write about so let me get to work and I’ll update this as I create more articles.


For more tips on how to improve your life, make sure to check out the following:


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